End-User FAQ

What is Goblin?
Goblin is a widget for publishers that allows them to distribute their content to you while your device solves valuable computations.
How does it work?
Problems to solve are sent to your device, and every time your device solves a computation problem, the result is sent back to Goblin, and Goblin sends back a piece of content.
What computations does it run?
Goblin currently solves problems that help process transactions for and secure the Monero blockchain, a process known as mining. We are working on adding more varried compute tasks, some of which could help train machine inteligence, cure diseases, look for extraterrestrial life, run complex simulations etc.
Does it share any information about me?
No, we do not track users, fingerprint, use cookies, save or ingest any information that can identify users. Read our Privacy Policy to learn more.
Can it keep running on my device?
No, once the content is done loading, Goblin stops running computations. Goblin only runs on the page you are visiting and once you leave that page, Goblin is gone.
Can it damage my device?
No. While Goblin uses more device resources than an average web page, it is just as if you were running a detailed game. And just as running a game, if you run it a lot, your device can generate more heat, and, if you are unplugged, it can consume your battery more quickly.