Getting started

1. Section your content

Choose a section of your website to distribute through Goblin. It can be any HTML partial that would normally load in your page, and can even include scripts. The main section of a page such as an article is a good choice.

2. Place content into a secret folder

Place your content into files that your upload to a secret folder with a name that is hard to guess. This can be a bucket on Amazon S3 for example, but it can also be a response dynamically generated from your web server. It just need to be accessible through a secure (https) URL that includes a secret segment.

3. Setup a payment address

Payments on Goblin are made using Monero. You can use an official, light or mobile wallet to setup an address where you will receive payments.

4. Obtain a token

Input your Monero address together with your secret base URL bellow (exclude the file name or path to your content) to obtain a Goblin token.

Make sure to obtain a new token before the expiration date, as your token will no longer work after it.

5. Replace content with embed