Publisher FAQ

How much can I expect to make?
Right now, only about 1% of what you would make with ads, assuming all your ads were shown to US residents, and taking into account that the widget is only displayed temporary while loading your content. However, this is just a start, we are following a roadmap to get that number up to match and surpass ad revenues.
Can you tell me more?
Sure, we expect a 10x increase by implementing internal compute trading and the soon to be available WebGPU APIs. Another order of magnitude increase when we are ready to open a general compute marketplace. We can't reveal our plans yet beyond that, but what you can be assured of is that our privacy stance will always remain the same.
Why would I use this now?
To support our development efforts and help make higher revenues a reality for yourself. Because you believe in your users' privacy. As an alternative to subscriptions, or for visitors using ad-blockers; This can help you establish the value of your content to your users even if it cannot compete yet on revenues.
When do I get paid?
Payments are made every 24h at 6pm Eastern US Time. You will receive a payment as soon as your balance reaches XMR0.003 (USD0.21).
What computations are you running currently?
We are processing and securing transactions for the Monero blockchain, a process known as mining.
What cut do you take off of these revenues?
We take a 30% cut off of raw compute revenues to cover infrastructure and ongoing development efforts. Furthermore, a blockchain transfer fee is deducted when you receive a payment, currently at XMR0.0004 (USD0.03).